Saturday, June 26, 2010

THE HURTING KIND: Mia's Madness - Premiere Promo Trailer [HQ]

A glimpse into the beginning of Mia Lambert's maladies and descent into painless madness. "Mia can't feel pain... Mia can't feel... anything... but Mia can... hurt." Watch and find out why.
The Hurting Kind... What Kind are You?


Scott Yarnell - Hugh Lambert [father]
Tammy Gaede Liza Lambert [grandmother]
Tammy Scott Ledet – Alison Lambert [mother]
Tia Landrum – Mia Lambert [also younger Mia]
Dusty Ward – EMT 1
Christy Ward – EMT2
Policeman – Richard F. Law

Produced by:
Hurting Kind Films, LLC in association with
TNC Shreveport, Still 'N Motion, Castor Creek and Lawmen Productions

Glen Grefe, Director/Producer
Duane Craig, Writer/Special Props
James Spradling, Producer
Richard F. Law, Stunt Coord, Executive Producer

Chris W. Tucker, Assistant Director
Scott Yarnell, Actor, Locations, Animal Coordinator
Russ Skains, Unit Production Manager
Rodney Tait Humphries, Production Coordinator
Rob Blackmon, Stills/Cam Op, 2nd Unit
David Masterson, Director of Photography
Seth Tatum, Camera Op, 2nd Unit
Lee Ann McDade, Costumer/Wardrobe Supervisor
Tammy Gaede, Hair/Make up Assist.
Callie Manning, SPECIAL Make up/FX
Renee Matlock, Hairstylist/Make Up
Threy Leach - PA, Cam Op, 2nd Unit
Rebekah Reed, PA, Craftservice
Tabitha Reed, PA, Craftservice
Sam Reed, PA, Craftservice
Deknee Hines, Craftservice
Natosha Mann, Stunt Assistant/PA
Ginger Cerio, PA

Animal Trainers/Wranglers:
Jim Hembree, Trainer - Hummingbird Meadow Farm
David Moore, Equestrian/Trainer
Sunshine James, Stunt Double/Trainer,
Randy Moore, Snake wranger - Critter Company,

Vikki and Co., Papa Fertittas, Columbia CafĂ©, Ryan’s, Sonic

Special Thanks /Sponsors:
Delores Festervan, Owner of Hummingbird Farms
Massage Therapists from Career Technical College
Toby Atkins, Garrett Smith, Robin Shows, Melissa Player
Property Owner, Castor: Tommy Schoen

Expletive, Scared of the Dark, Kevin Danishefsky

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