Saturday, June 27, 2009


The Hurting Kind
Music/Arts - Concert
Start Time:
Saturday, July 11, 2009 at 3:00pm End Time:
Sunday, July 12, 2009 at 2:00am
Location: Mia's Pub
Street: 2109 Market St
City/Town: Shreveport, LA

TNC Shreveport LLC/Glen Grefe & the THK Event TeamPresents:

The Hurting Kind Promo/Fundraiser Event #2: Soundtrack Attack!


SAT. JULY 11th @ Mias Pub [Mia is THK's main character][Stoner and Market, next to cemetery!]

A night of metal mayhem sure to wake the dead starring Expletive, winners of the May 16th "The Hurting Kind" Battle of the Bands" blow out.


and more... [bands, if you're interested in joining the lineup, contact me, Glen Grefe @ or message me on Facebook or

All Day Fundraiser Fest...

Heavy Metal, Horror Films, Happy Hour, Hot MudbugsFood & drink specials! [we're thinking crawfish!]

*Keeping the light shinging on the Ark-La-Tex indie film and music scene, we'll be showing local trailers/teasers/shorts from the Hurting Kind project, regional filmmakers and Production Companies. [contact Glen Grefe or through Facebook if you'd like to participate]

MINI FILM FEST! NEW The Hurting Kind Teasers plus

Movies/Trailers/Demos/Docs/Etc by regional filmmakers:

David Beier: Lawman Pr/Better Films"You Better Run" short

Richard Law: Lawmen Pr. "Men of Respect" trailer

Matthew Ramsau: Ramsaur Films "The 7th Floor" trailer

Jeremy Enis: Sinne Prod. "Springhill Jack" 12min short

Rodney Hill: Dark Passenger Films "A Killer's Path" trailer

Walt Hallis: award winning commercial

Ron Hardy: 15 min. documentary/short

Jabari Thomas: Late Night South pilot outtake/demo

Eddie Armes: Cristal Clear Pics "God V.s Science" Trailer

**If you're interested in being an investor/sponsor for the production of this feature motion picture utilizing the new major tax incentive power, contact Glen Grefe - Owner/Director/Co-Producer TNC Shreveport LLC or through Facebook

THK Team:

Executive Producer: Ryan Robison

Sponsor Finance Coordinator: Bill StampleyUPM/

Advisor: Jennifer Williamson
Web/Graphic Designers/Promo PAs:Tabitha Reed Rebekah Reed

Director//Producer: Glen Grefe

AV Director: Eddie Armes

AV Assitst: Jabari Thomas

Advisor: Frank Johnson

PA: Amy Pope

PA: Christopher Dickerson

Saturday, June 6, 2009

SPECIAL THANKS for THK Battle of the Bands Event Mojos May 16

TNC Shreveport LLC and the THK Team wants to thank the bands who participated; the line up was:

Scared of the Dark
Tyrants of Steel
Science and the Sea
Pandora's Kyn
Triumphant Return
Keeping Cresent
Fallen to Rise
The Highland Project

Of the 2 tie winners Expletive and Science and the Sea - there will be two separate shows coming up. Science & the Sea is playing Sat June 20th at the next event at Fatty Arbuckles:

The Hurting Kind Promo Event #2: Soundtrack Attack!
Bands, Bevs, B-Movies, Babes and Bugs! Cocktails, crimes and crawfish!

Time: Saturday, June 20th 10pm-6am
Place: Fatty Arbuckles
450 Clyde Fant Memorial Pkwy
Shreveport, LA 71101 (318) 459-1448

Map here:,0,8557535368764580898&ei=sLMpSuaLKqKCyAXNhr3hCg&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&resnum=1

MORE THANKS for THK Battle May 16th @ Mojos:

A big thank you to Eddie Armes for his video projection work and camera provisions;and to his assistant, camera operator Barrett Strahan.

Another big thank you to our brave MC Jabari Thomas, host of the new Late Night South talk show! Eddie Armes and Jabari Thomas run Cristal Clear Pictures: Cristal Clear Pictures

Also, thanks to Ronster Monster for his incredible sound work that evening. You da man!

Thanks to our special guest judge David Akin of EPK Louisiana. EPK Louisiana

And of course thanks to all the others who helped: Christopher Dickerson, Jacob Rolland, Amy Pope, Artie Irons, Angelina, Chris and the staff of Mojos and the Bud Girls and anyone else I forgot to mention!