Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Julee Cruise/Nutcracker: An American Nightmare Maxi-Single

2010 Super Cool and Culty-Creepy and Trancey Indie downloads from TNC [Julee Cruise of David Lynch's Twin Peaks]!

Pulled me Tamara Turner, Music Editor/Reviewer Remember the TV show Twin Peaks? Were you one of the regulars who watched it as much for the charming, creep-out, beautifully psycho music as much as the plot? If so, this is a must-have album, featuring 2 totally exclusive Julee Cruise songs you can't find anywhere else except the full motion picture soundtrack. And if the Twin Peaks music was your kind of thing, you're in luck- this album brings you more of the eerie, dreamy and disturbed personality that made the show so distinct (and gave Julee a new wave of fans).

In Your World of Blue - Julee Cruise/J.J. McGeehan 4:05
Re-Mix 3 (Mind-meld Shred Theme) 3:18
Nutcracker Theme (Extended Mix) - Joshua Gest/Aisling Being 8:08
Never Let You Go - Julee Cruise/J.J. McGeehan 3:47
(Hidden Bonus) Nutcracker Movie Theme (Version)