Thursday, May 21, 2009


And the winner is - WAIT! ITS A TIE!

EXPLETIVE and SCIENCE AND THE SEA arethe top bands.

May 16th WAS a great night! What a phenomenol success!
THANKS TO EVERYONE who came out and to all the bands and everyone who worked hard to make it happen! It takes an army of artists and an army of an audience...

We're on our way toward funding a proper investment party. Its more good news for Shreveport-Bossier and Ark-LA-Tex residents as we plan a follow up event. Stay tuned for details...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

THK's Battle of the Bands... Triple Battle: the Web, the Stage, the Screen

The Hurting Kind
Music/Arts - Concert
Start Time:
Saturday, May 16, 2009 at 9:00pm
End Time:
Sunday, May 17, 2009 at 6:00am
Mojos [downtown Shreveport near casinos]
Spring and Texas
Shreveport, LA
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TNC Shreveport, LLC/Glen Grefe & the THK_Battle Team along with local Shreveport Bossier businesses:


Shane and Co.

O'Brien's Irish Pub

String Shop

The Tobacco House

Disc Daddy




Elegant Nails

Alexander & Company Salon Gallery

Stephen Miller Fine Jewelry


(Round one in the war of pre-production financing)

SATURDAY, MAY 16 @ MOJOS downtown Shreveport: 9pm to 6am

Attention musicians/bands, movie fans and music and film industry personnel, Shreveport and Bossier City and Arl-LA-Tex region residents, and fans of downtown live entertainment:

This is our Viral Marketing finally made flesh...

You've seen THE HURTING KIND feature motion picture websites... read the blogs... seen the trailers... now experience the marketing live with the upcoming May 16th presentation of the THK Battle of the Bands:

First phase of contest: Web-based AUDIENCE: CAST YOUR VOTES NOW

*chance to be on 1st annual regional cd comp

Phase 2: 8+ winners go to live show.

Final winner - song chosen to be involved in The Hurting Kind motion picture.

*[see TNC Shreveport, LLC for details]

ALL GENRES of music accepted. Have a GREAT time. FREE MEGA promotion of your music and a lot more.

Artists/Musicians/Bands go and "FRIEND UP" here:

Date of Show: MAY 16, 2009 Shreveport, LA 9pm to 6am

CONTAST US ASAP!!! MUSICIANS/BANDS contact Stephanie Fruge [Event Coordinator] or Glen Grefe Producer/Director for details.

StephanieFruge2012@yahoo.com318-200-2535; 746-9560

Just a few of the bands so far in the contest:

Rhyme University, River Blindness, Expletive, Reflections Burn, Pandora's Kin, Alan Fox Band, Tyrants of Steel, Neutral Ground, OMF, Scared of the Dark, M. Harris, Savior

MC: Jabari Thomas [local Director/Prod./Actor/Talk Show Host]

*This is a part of an ongoing effort to showcase the ongoing talent of the Ark-La-Tex region's music and film industry - and a special night to unite both of them.After winning at the downtown casinos, walk on over and check out the THK Battle show! Party until 6AM with Shreveport's zoning laws - you've never experienced anything like it! Woohoo! -THK Event Staff

Stephanie Fruge [Musician Liasion/Event Coordinator], Tabitha Reed[Event Promoter/Sponsor PA], Rebekah Reed [Event Promoter/Graphic Designer], Thomas Johnston [Sponsor PA]Tanisha Prince [Sponsor PA], Bill Stampley [Sponsorship Coord], Ryan Robison [Executive Producer], Frank Johnson [Event Advisor], Jennifer Williamson [Event Advisor], Jonathan Jones [Lead Graphic Designer], Eddie Armes [Event Advisor], Glen Grefe [Director/Producer]

More Links/info:

The Hurting Kind official Myspace Film page: Facebook THK Group Movie fan page:

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Saw The Last Lullaby! It rocked - so cool all the way around - great noir intenisty, girls, gun, blood; had a great attitude of the anti-hero. Jeffrey pulled off a classic - Shreveport will be shining...


What can I say - the Battle of the Bands team is rocking!

Local Sponsorship is going great!

MAY 16 is going to be a great night!

Upload to:

Contact Stephanie Fruge for details 318-200-2535


Event Coordinator/Band Liasion Stephanie Fruge'Lead Arrtist/Web Designer Jonathan Jones Sponsor/Finance Coordinator Bill StampleyCo-Spon/Fin Coord. Ryan RobisonSpon/Band Recruiters/Promo PAs:Tabitha Reed Rebekah Reed Thomas Johnston Tanisha PrinceMeaghan Blount (Promo/Band Liasion) Director//Producer: Glen GrefeAdvisor: Frank Johnson


THK Battle of the Bands officially on its way!

CALLING ALL BANDS!!!Go here, UPLOAD tracks, contact us!


Shreveport, Bossier, Ark-La-Tex! and beyond! Hurry up!

Get on the 1st annual compilation CD - what are you waiting for?!

Hardworking team members:

Stephanie Fruge - contact her for more info! Supervisor, super woman, Queen of the Scene...StephanieFruge2012@yahoo.comJonathan Jones - thk web design/guru/master of allTabatha Reed - web promo queen/PARebekah - web design queen/PAMeagan Blount - Promo princess of Ark-La-Tex up and coming music scene

Thanks to Soundstage for the location for the THK battle poster photo shoot!


Securing venue on THK's Battle of the Bands and Sponsorship program.

Attended regional meeting put on by the city of Shreveport's Mayor's office to discuss issue of focusing on raising incentives to keep/bring back/increase motion picture production here in the Shreveport/Bossier area.

Attended Jeffrey Goodman's The Last Lullaby event to promote the upcoming May 1-3 to be sold-out opening weekend of the movie here in Shreveport. [stars Tom Sizemore]


Business meeting: focus on LLC details.4/7/09General meeting tonight; more focus on deadlines, timeline - upcoming events (Battle, Investors); priorities - hard questions, hard answers.

4/6/09Hot Springs, AR blew my springs. What a wacky town. Al Capones watering hole was anything but watered down.

I'm back, we're full steam ahead with THK and the timeline countdown. Legalities, PPMs, Attorneys, investors, priorities.

THK Battle of the Bands team met the core THK pre-dev team tonight and had the big pow-wow where sound meets visions meets talking time and money.Jeremy Enis turned in a rough draft of THK trailer edit.

Lee Stridsberg and Brodie Vidrine are tweaking their complex trailers for public consumption - we are eagerlyawaiting their work as well!


Largest meeting yet; very valuable input from everyone. New contact list soon. Timeline, legalities, budget discussed/hammered out.

New assistance:

Bill Stampley (Office P.A.) Stephen Porter (Location Scouting) Christopher Dickerson (P.A./2nd 2nd) Amy Pope (Minutes Secretary)


Its been a wild and crazy week. Spoke with possible interested Producer parties - more info soon.Legalities, tax credits, moving along... Casting Director negotiations... Budget tweaking... Waiting on location scout...New websites!:

BLOG[courtesy of web designers Becka Reed and Tabitha Reed]

THK Battle of the Bands OFFICIAL site:[courtesty of lead designer Jonathan Jones; supervisor Stephanie Fruge']


Director Glen Grefe recently had his birthday - went to the town of Natchitoches for the first time (where Hurting Kind promo torture star Kelly Airhart is from/or lives) - awesome town, great riverfront and awesome food and architecture. Supposedly the oldest settlement in Louisiana.

Checked out the band Expletive Saturday night, a local speed metal math band - William, your band kicks ass!!! Awesome thrashing throw-down show! Check out his music soon online for the first phase of the Battle of the Bands contest:

Popped in at Beecher's Madness show at Horsehoe... Oy Vey... Emailed/phoned possible seasoned UPM/Producers to interview for the THK team.... still up in the air on this... Could someone please point an experienced UPM our way!?We are in final prep stage - ready to roll on this...


THK Core meeting went very well; focused on rock solid business prep. Getting details in place. Ducks in rows.[lol - Winston - get on that idea]Ryan Robison and Frank Johnson - our go-to money guys.

PRODUCER [experienced w/ features/SAG] still being sought to tie our professional team together and lead us to victory. ARK-LA-TEX/ BATON ROUGE/ NEW ORLEANS feature Producers - we know you're out there. References?

THK Battle of the Bands - full steam ahead:Stephanie Fruge' [Event Coordinator] is the genius rock goddess behind this fantanstic community experience.She is formulating a Music/Healing Organization which will spawn a Shreveport Music Scene Magazine and [tentatively titled] "Port x Port: Music and Movie Festival" to rival Austin's own extravaganza. Check her sites:


THK Battle meeting tonight - met with Web Designer Adrian Kemp - very impressed! Tabitha and Rebekah Reed - our new P.A.'s are assisting with viral marketing and the new fan/blog/chat site:

Besides the editorial team of Newspeak Productions [Lee Stridsberg, Brodie Vidrine], we have a new entity taking a crack at the promo trailers as well to give his own spin on the whole THK mythos:

Welcome, Jeremy Enis! Go tell Jeremy you wish him well in his editing endevors...


The core pre-production team of The Hurting Kind made its presence know last night to support local Director Jeffrey Goodman, as he hosts a series of public location events to promote his new award-winning indie classic The Last Lullaby, starring Tom Sizemore.Jeffrey is blazing a trail which will spotlight Shreveport, LA as the place to make indie features - successful, entertaining, high quality independent films.

Go to the Facebook site and register, and check out the official movie site too. ALL you Shreveport movie-goers - go see the movie opening weekend May 1st!!!

-Glen Grefe